👋🏻 I'm Sandeep Baskaran!

Product designer & Productivity enthusiast.

Chennai, India

  • Product Designer

  • Community Builder

  • Figma Community Advocate

  • Notion Certified

  • Lottiefiles Evangelist

Notion certified

My personal and professional lives are more organized because of the systems I've developed and the inspiration I've received from youtubers and authors like Ali Abdaal, Thomas Frank, Tiago Forte & Jeff Su.

Gumroad store

Alongside beautifying rectangles and making clicking noises at work, I create digital assets/templates in Notion, Figma and more.

Why Framer?

Like many designers, I tend to neglect my portfolio for years, dreading the day I need to update it. And then I spend countless hours, usually over the course of weeks, on struggling with code to make things as perfect as possible. It’s exhausting.

So I've decided to try an experiment and use Framer instead. Hopefully this will let me focus on the content. Please feel free to reach out if you have any feedback.

Let's connect!

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